getting a puppy is adorable,but it’s also a real challenge.The last thing I want you to do is get a puppy, and end up regretting it.

So, here are five things you must know before you get a puppy.

1- Puppy Depression

Puppy depression is very common, and I’m not talking about, the puppy being depressed. You have all these expectations that you and your puppy are gonna be cuddling on the couch, and the next thing you know, the puppy just wants to be alone in the kitchen.This is very normal, Don’t have those feelings of buyers remorse. Give it time! Allow the puppy to acelomate, Training takes patience.

2- Meal Planing Is Important

Dogs food

Feeding a young puppy is really tricky.You have to feed them up to four times a day, especially ones as big as Bear.

A lot of people think they can just free feed their puppies, leave a bowl of food, and the puppy will figure it out.

No, your puppy will become obese, and then guess what? Every time your puppy eats, it needs to poop.

So your house is going to be covered in poop, And have you ever seen a Newfie’s poop?

3 – Frequent Walks Are Needed

– Walking a puppy is no easy feat, but it’s extremely important, Doesn’t matter if it’s raining, if it’s snowing, you still have to walk your puppy, And most people get their puppies around weeks of age which means that a walk is necessary, every three to four hours.

So, if you’re working an eight hour workday, maybe a puppy isn’t for you. When walking your new puppy, you may come off rude to other dog owners,because you just can’t let your puppy play on leash with other pups, It’s gonna turn into trouble, leashes are gonna get tangled,someone’s gonna get bitten.Not a great idea! Plus it’s no good, if you want a well behaved puppy.

4- Dogs Get Dirty

Dogs Get Dirty

Dogs get dirty, I mean, Bear when he sees mud, he not only walks in it, he lies down in it, he rolls around in it, he drools in it, so, But thankfully, he likes taking baths. So it’s not such a painful process, But, some dogs hate baths,

So, it’s really gonna be personality dependent, You really shouldn’t, use human products on your dog, No to human shampoo, and no to human hairdryers.

Special dog dryer, it’s not too hot, and it essentially blows the water off the dog. And it’s not just bathing him, you got to brush him, you got to clip his toe nails.This is a true time commitment.

5- Create Training Is Best

Crate training is by far the most effective way to housebreak your dog, and to make sure they don’t destroy your home.

Dogs are den creatures, they love enclosed spaces, Bear goes in here after playing with Roxy and it’s his place to rest, He sleeps here, he hangs out here and he’s not gonna pee in here, because it’s such an enclosed space.

Proving how much he loves his crate, even when I open the door he doesn’t feel the need to run out, Because, this is his home, he loves it in there.