have you recently adopted a puppy? are you thinking of adopting one in this new animal wised video we explain? everything you should do to care for your new friend you will find all the information you need to prepare your home for the new arrival navigate the first days feed train and look after your puppy remember adopting a puppy is a serious commitment so be sure of your decision

the first thing you should do after adopting a puppy is to take it to a vet, most adoption centers will give you information about your puppy’s health and keep it up to date with vaccinations.

but it’s always a good idea to make a first visit to the vet the vet can perform a general checkup see if your puppy has parasites vaccinated if necessary and give you recommendations on feeding and care the vet can also suggest an approximate date for sterilization this is recommended to control canine overpopulation which results in thousands of abandoned and slaughtered animals each year remember that if possible you should not separate a pup from its mother and siblings before it reaches 8 to 10 weeks internal and external deworming are important aspects of basic puppy care as dogs can be infected by parasites such as fleas or intestinal worms.


although a small number of parasites may not be a problem they can cause complications such as anemia in puppies in addition they can infect other animals and humans too which is why it is important to deworm your puppy right at the start and carry out deworming every month your vet will suggest the most suitable product specific to your puppy in general internal deworming can begin from day of a puppy’s life external deworming should begin only after eight weeks.

another basic element of puppy care is vaccination the vaccination schedule begins when a puppy is about eight weeks old and is then repeated annually.

although it is not mandatory in all countries vaccinating against rabies is recommended during the first weeks of a puppy’s life the vaccines are administrated in several consecutive doses until this vaccination period is over it is best not to take the puppy outside for walks since it hasn’t developed immunity yet and could get serious infections.

in some countries all dogs must be identified with a device called a microchip which is placed via subcutaneous injection and allows the dog to be located at all times.